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A non-profit organization established to inform and educate area residents on the state of groundwater pollution in and around Scio Township

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Advice on fracking rights from HRWC

What do you do if someone wants to lease your oil/gas development rights?

Advice from the Huron River Watershed Council...

Fracking in the watershed

Attend the Scio Township forum on oil exploration and…


Posted by R M Rayle on April 1, 2014 at 10:30am

Meeting to Discuss Fracking in Scio Township

from 3/31/2014 Scio Township email...…


Posted by wguru on March 31, 2014 at 1:30pm

1,4-Dioxane Detected in More Drinking Water Supplies Nationwide

From NPR, March 26, 2014:

"West Virginia's drinking water crisis earlier this year highlighted an unsettling truth about tap water: Treatment plants test for only a fraction of the chemicals in use."…


Posted by R M Rayle on March 26, 2014 at 9:06am

January 2014 - Some Observations on the Pall/Gelman 1,4-Dioxane Groundwater Contamination Site

DEQ has failed to implement tighter 2010 EPA dioxane revised cancer slope factor... and continues to stall that process...

  • Current 85 ppb should tightened to 3.5 ppb (or 0.35 ppb if Michigan still used a 1 in 1,000,000 risk level that it used up until 1995 and that most other states still use)
  • DEQ failed to meet its Dec 2012 deadline to tighten the standards and …

Posted by R M Rayle on January 16, 2014 at 1:09pm

Prior News

MDNRE Reverses Itself and Approves Reduced Pall/Gelman Cleanup

This is bad news.

Back in May 2009, the DNRE rejected Pall/Gelman's plan to let more dioxane to spread unremediated, but now (on 3/8/2011) after 20+ months of secret negotiations between the DNRE and Pall/Gelman ... and without any prior public disclosure and hearings on what was negotiated, it is already part of the revised Consent Judgment. (This reflects the weakness of Michigan's current environmental rules.)

This action not only transfers more costs and risks to the public... it allows the responsible party, Pall/Gelman, to prematurely walk away from the site and avoid an effective, protective, and community-acceptable cleanup.

MDEQ Denies Pall/Gelman's (PLS's) Proposal

It's Official!

The MDEQ has denied Pall/Gelman's (PLS's) 5-4-2009 proposal to reduce its dioxane groundwater cleanup activities and risk polluting more area water supplies... including Barton Pond where Ann Arbor gets 80% of its water.
[DEQ 6-15-2009 Response ] [DEQ Public Comment Response ]

Thanks to everyone who sent in their comments or attended the public meetings. This might not have happened without public involvement.

Stay turned to make sure this decision is not overturned as it makes its way through upcoming court hearings. Let's make sure we have a protective, effective, and community-acceptable cleanup.

Good News, Bad News Follow-up to Schedule Order

The Good News is that an April 22, 2009 Stipulation alters the schedule order that Judge Shelton issued earlier in the month and reestablishes the Public Comment Period the judge had removed. The comment period is from May 11 to June 8, 2009. The DEQ has scheduled a Public Meeting on May 27, 2009... a week after a CARD information meeting on May 20, 2009 to discuss the proposed changes to the Consent Judgment.

The Bad News is that the comment period starts soon and is only four weeks long (less than three weeks before the Public Meeting) ... not much time for the public to review the proposed changes to the Consent Judgment given that the DEQ and Pall have been discussing the change for almost a year. SRSW had requested a 90-day comment period.

Shocking news from Circuit Court Judge Donald Shelton

Judge Shelton's April 6, 2009, Order lays out the schedule for addressing the proposed change to expand the Prohibition Zone to include the Evergreen Plume and allow that portion to spread at up to 2800 ppb instead of cleaning it up to 85 ppb or less.

The shocker in his order is that he removed the Public Comment that the DEQ had insisted be present. The DEQ indicates that they want the Public Comment (and associated Public Meeting and Public Hearing) back into the order, but the judge may not agree. [... more ]

Pall/Gelman Site Update - Concerns about Prohibition Zone pending expansion?

Thursday, December 11, 2008 Ann Arbor Environmental Commission - Special Presentation - Video (~20 minutes)

Secrecy is unfair for groundwater cleanup

Friday November 21, 2008 Ann Arbor News Editorial

Pall Life Sciences drilling new wells to track pollution

Sunday, November 16, 2008 Ann Arbor News article about Pall/Gelman contamination





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Michigan Has Worst Dioxane Standards

From States Dioxane Standards


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